Program Director

Seth Harkins

Since 2010, Seth Harkins has taught students in Whitehaven, Oakhaven, and Orange Mound through the Memphis Teacher Residency. Seth is passionate about seeing others increase their potential through learning. At Alcy-Ball Development Corporation and as a resident in Alcy Ball, he uses that passion to connect families to new employment, housing, and financial opportunities.


Board Members

Chris Oliver
New Hope Christian Academy

Ethan Knight
Development Services Group Inc.

Samuel A. Thompson IV
Walnut Grove Capital Partners

Sharon Payne
Nutrition Director at Bread of Life

Apostle Tony Wade (Board Chair)
Divine Life Church


The Neighborhood

The area began as a predominantly middle-class, African-American neighborhood. It was filled with numerous families, supporting various churches, schools, and businesses. However, over the past 30 years, the area has declined with families, businesses, and schools moving elsewhere. Today, you can see remnants of the once-thriving community. Our vision is an economically and socially restored Alcy Ball.

Alcy Ball has been referred to as the “Suburb of South Memphis.” Our neighborhood – comprised of several communities – includes Gas Light Square, Bunker Hill, Elliston Heights, Castalia Heights, Nob Hill, and of course Alcy Ball.

How to Help

Whether it is praying for our work, volunteering with our Faith & Finances class, or spending some time with us on a community service project, we want you to get involved.

To find out about the next volunteer opportunity or ways to support us, please contact Seth at


What We're Up To